Bib Buddy Demo

This 60 second video shows how Bib Buddy keeps clients drier, keeps water in the bowl, off the floor, and off the client's back. Eco friendly, too!  Saves on towel usage, reusable, and lasts a long time.

How the Bib Buddy Works

Jennifer Hernon, creator of The Original Bib Buddy, talks to hairdressers on Facebook Live explaining the finer details of using the Bib Buddy:

- How it fits on the neck
- How to thoroughly rinse without soaking clients
- How it keeps floors dry
- How to fit small necks
- How to remove the bib
- How to sanitize the bib


Special thanks to the ever-cooperative GIRLequin from Shannon Keel. Find her on IG @amanduhthegirlequin or

Taking Care of Bib Buddy

Jennifer talks to hairdressers on Periscope explaining how to take care of your Bib Buddy.

Tina Gets Her Bibs

@TinaGregoria (HairWhisperer) is so excited to get her Bib Buddy package she can't contain herself. Watch her on Periscope describe all the reasons you will love it, too.


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