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I love the Bib-Buddy. Not one of my clients have walked out with a dampened shirt since I've started using it. A great tool for our industry! Thank you!


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Ohhhhh I just love love this Product. It's the best thing I bought in a long time. Too bad that I didn't find it sooner. No more water running down Peoples neck, it is just wuuuuunderbar !!!!!!


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I love the bib and this is my second order. I now, do not get my clients wet when they don't fit into the sink right!!



I have never had an instance when using it that there was any wetness on the client. I like that it is reusable and washable. I really like that the fabric is movable and not bulky like the plastic neutralizing capes. I usually just put a towel around their necks and than shampoo. Almost all of the time they get wet. Our bowls and chairs don't seem to line up very well. However with your bib I never have even a wet towel. The velcro has worked out nicely. The black color is great it stays clean looking since I do a lot of color services. Wipes off easily saved on having to use extra towels.



Liked it on clients that I cannot set back in the sink well.



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